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Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service
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Drain Service

• Sewer Lines
• Bathtubs
• Floor Drains
• Scheduled Maintenances
• Septic Lines
• Showers
• Utility Sinks
• Kitchen Sinks
• Toilets
• Urinals
• Bath Sinks
• Laundry Lines
• Drinking Fountains


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Don't just call a drain cleaner, call a DRAIN SPECIALIST!

Emergency Services, Emergency Drain Service in Spokane, WA
24 Hour Drain Cleaning Service Available on Weekends, Evenings and Holidays


About Us

Although our company may be new, all of our technicians are seasoned Drain Specialists. Together, they have over 25 years combined experience.

Our goal is to provide our customers with OUTSTANDING SERVICE at a FAIR PRICE in a TIMELY MANNER.


"We work on anything that SHOULD drain!"


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